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Gender and Reality

The flap over the various state efforts to enact laws regarding public accommodation of “trans-gender” people raises an interesting question. Not about politics or common sense, although there are those considerations. The really interesting question is one of motives. Not the motives of those that are opposed to normalizing aberrancy, but those who are promoting it.
I can hear the howls now, but I don’t use the word “aberrancy” lightly. It has a meaning in biology, as well as in common English. In biology, a working definition of “aberrant” is “diverging from the normal type.” In the vernacular, it is defined as “departing from an accepted standard.” Neither definition is a value judgment, but a statistical or empirical one.
Transgender people, by the best estimates available today, make up about .3 percent of the population. Roughly about 1 million people in America. Just about the same as thee number of heterozygote carriers of the Tay-Sachs gene in the general population. Which doesn’t make either condition normal or desirable.
But that isn’t the real reason behind the drive to get us to accept and praise those who are disordered.
The real issue is the drive to eliminate objective reality.
Objective reality is the standard by which we judge and decide how to act. Marcus Aurelius taught us 2000 years ago, “first of all, know what a thing is.” It was a call to recognize reality as a thing that we can know. Objective reality is the standard by which science operates. Objective reality is that which really exists, operates by knowable, immutable, and eternal laws, like conservation of matter or inertia. Objective reality is what Western civilization is based on. We can deny reality all we wish, but our desires can not change reality, anymore than our desires could stop the heliocentric nature of our solar system.
The forces that wish to destroy our civilization are clever. They know that to outright deny objective reality would be impossible, so they chip away at its foundations, like termites in a house
The transgender phenomenon is a case in point. We are told, almost daily, it seems, by the “social justice warrior” nuts that gender is a fluid concept. What they mean by that is that we can never know what someone’s gender is; we can never know the reality of a person’s sex. Therefore, we can never act in any particular way as regards sex. No rationally based bathroom policies, marriage policies, dormitory or barracks policies.
And they enlist a large number of unwitting people to their cause by using pity and our natural desire to be kind to our fellow humans. And make no mistake, gender dysphoria is an abnormality, and those that suffer from it should be pitied, treated compassionately, and cured. But to transform compassion into acceptance is as disordered as the disease itself. To deny that there is an objective reality about sex that is knowable is to descend into a madness that will deny all knowledge but that which serves the immediate drive to control, to own, to enslave others.

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