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Gulag America, for Business

Gulag America presses on. As more and more things become crimes, more and more Americans face the prospect of becoming felons. In 1970, the State and Federal prison population was about 400,000. It now exceeds 2.5 million. As a percentage of our population, it has also steadily increased. In 1970, about 0.1 % of the population were residents of the greybar hotel; today it’s about 0.5%. And the Leviathan continues to make more and more things illegal.

Not just drugs, though that’s bad enough. Every time somebody comes up with a new way to alter his consciousness, some bluenose decides it should be forbidden. Things like designer drugs and salvia keep the prohibitionists busy.

Not to be outdone, the left is trying their damnedest to erect jail walls around the entire country. Members of our beneficent Congress will unveil bills on this week to keep major corporations from leaving the U.S. for tax purposes. According to insiders, plans for corporate exits are growing. There have been several recent deals that have taken major U.S. firms offshore.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. has been hit by a wave of corporate exits in the last few years, as businesses grow impatient with what they regard as antiquated U.S. corporate tax rules, and the slow pace of rewriting them in Congress. Eaton Corp., Aon Corp., and Perrigo Co. are just a few of the companies that have moved their address overseas.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D., Ore.), in a stunning display of constitutional ignorance, announced that he will seek to place new restrictions on corporate exits as of May 8, 2014.

Barack Obama supports such legislation, as do many of the Democrats in the House and the Senate.

As of yet, there is no talk of applying the same sort of legislation to people, although there has been a slow but steady trickle of people renouncing their US citizenship in order to find better tax treatment elsewhere.

It should be distressing to realize that the people in charge believe that instead of rewriting the tax code to make it simpler and more attractive to business, it is better to force them to stay here and penalize them financially.

One need not be an economist to recognize that tax policies that force businesses offshore are not good for America or Americans. Our tax policy should be one that encourages businesses to come here, headquarter here, and produce here. In 1975, America produced 93 percent of what we consumed, today, that figure is down to less than 11 percent.

The U.S. is now ranked, by one estimate, 12th in economic freedom in the world, right behind Estonia. According to that same index, The U.S. is the only country to have recorded a loss of economic freedom each of the past seven years. The overall cost of meeting regulatory requirements in the U.S. has increased by over $60 billion since 2009, with more than 130 new regulations imposed.

Between the NAFTA disaster, an ever-increasing regulatory burden, and ideas like Wyden’s, I can only be disheartened about America’s economic future. Perhaps force is the only avenue left to keep business here.


Economic freedom stats:

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No Sense of Humor

I have come to the conclusion that the left wing of American politics is irredeemably fascistic. The evidence continues to mount and the only ones unable to see it are those with their own fascist streak.

Just recently, we had panelists on MSNBC claim that people with conservative views should not be allowed to run for office. MSNBC, of course, being a putative TV network watched primarily by the friends and families of Ed Schulze, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow.

Before that, there was the IRS targeting scandal, which dwarfs anything Nixon did, and which was greeted by yawns of disinterest from the recreants in charge. Followed by the failure to prosecute Lois Lerner for any number of things.

Then, there is the Boko Haram mess. You know, the terrorists that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t call terrorists. Obama, it is reported, pressured the Nigerian government not to fight them. There is nothing more fascist then islam, except perhaps for the supporters of islam, whether overt or covert.

Bernie Sanders, and others in the Senate, want to gut the first amendment by giving the executive the power to punish speech of which he disapproves.

Harry Reid practically foams at the mouth at the mention of the Koch brothers, claiming they’re a main cause of global warming, but says nothing of taxpayer money being funneled into his campaign coffers by public unions like SEIU and the NEA. Nor does he mention his ever-expanding wealth, mostly gotten by insider dealing that would land you in jail.

The litany could go on and on about the attempts by the left to stifle dissent and marginalize opponents of a burgeoning police state.

But what really tipped it for me was a discussion on a computer forum. It was a discussion, almost completely irrelevant to any serious thought, about someone’s ire at the Tea Party. One commenter opined as to how members of the tea party were “aggressively stupid.” He proceeded to post that comment two or three times in a row, seemingly by accident. Whereupon I commented on the irony of someone who couldn’t manipulate an enter key calling others stupid.

That opened the floodgates. I was insulted, called vile names, threatened, etc. I was abused more for that post than for any substantive post I had ever made. And that’s when it hit me. The American left, like every other fascist movement in history, has no sense of humor.

Oh, they can mock, like Jon Stewart and Bill Mahr. But the mocking isn’t humor; it’s angry and bitter, meant to denigrate and belittle. And, the left’s “humor” is never targeted at their own, it is always outwardly directed. And should someone step off the reservation, like Mort Sahl, his career begin drying up.

That’s how you know a fascist. Nothing is funny, everything is grim. Islam proclaims it; the Ayatollah has said that there is no humor in islam. I have never seen a picture of a laughing Hitler or Mussolini. Nor, for that matter, of John Kerry. The left becomes angry when they are made fun of.

As Orwell said, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

Nobody laughs at that.

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