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Brie or ISIS?

“The great and admirable strength of America consists in this, that America is truly the American people.” Jacques Maritain, French Philosopher and political theorist.

Monsieur Maritain had it correct. America is the American people, and herein lies the problem with the administration’s thinking. America is not immigrants, but Americans. America is not refugees, but Americans. America is not illegal immigrants, but Americans. Immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants can become American, but to do so requires more than changing their location. It requires changing their core, their mindset, their animus.

No more can they be Syrian, or Mexican, or Latvian. No more can they hold on to their old-world way of thinking or living. To be an American requires one to believe in America, to cast off the old love and embrace a new love. The love of America. And it must be a greater love than the love for the old country.

It is no different for France. To be French, one must give up the things of the Levant and embrace all that is France. Or Germany, or Ireland, or any other country one immigrates to. To come to America, but continue to long for the old country results in a resident that is neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat. Honor the old country, remember some of its traditions, but give oneself to one’s new country, wholeheartedly or stay home.

And that is precisely the issue faced by this administration in regard to the potential influx of Syrian “refugees.” How do we separate those who wish to assimilate from those who wish to do us harm? Have no doubt, among these refugees are certainly ISIS soldiers. ISIS brags about it. They issue threats to us about it. And we see it first hand in France, Belgium, and Germany.

Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General, refuses to even admit the possibility that it would be difficult to even vette the new immigrants. And yet I can’t buy unpasteurized French brie. Why not? Because of the USDA. In their own words: “The Food Safety and Inspection Service is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s public health regulatory agency that protects consumers by ensuring that meat, poultry and egg products are safe, wholesome, and accurately labeled.” It would be wonderful if there were any agency that could say the same about the refugees.

To get into the country, one must run a gantlet of byzantine complexity. First off, only thirty-three countries are eligible to import meat and poultry products to the U.S.

Then comes re-inspection. That begins with FSIS determining that a country’s federal inspection system is equivalent to that of the U.S. That consists of a comprehensive system that involves document reviews, on-site audits and port-of-entry examinations of every shipment of product that enters the United States.
Each meat, poultry and egg product shipment enters the country under the authority of U.S. Customs and USDA’S Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and is transferred to FSIS where inspectors visually inspect every shipment as well as its accompanying documentation.
FSIS claims that it can be assured that all products under FSIS jurisdiction, regardless of the volume imported to the United States, are sampled. In general, the higher risk ready-to-eat products are being sampled at a higher rate.
And that’s just for starters. Refugees? Nowhere near that level of scrutiny. Just look at our feet-dry policy on Cuban illegals. Look at the 11, or 12, or 15 million illegal Mexican immigrants. There’s no scrutiny at all, and even when we determine that they are unsafe or unwholesome, we don’t deport them, and if we do, they come right back.

The first duty of any nation-state is the integrity and safety of that nation-state. Like the intrinsic human right and obligation of self-defense, every nation has a duty, and a corresponding right, of self0-defense. Bringing in undocumented, un-inspected, and unknown thousands of Syrian islamic refugees in the middle of a war against Syrian islamists is madness. Turning a blind eye to a threat, and admitting that threat into the country isn’t just misfeasance, it’s malfeasance. Why, the government might just as well let in semi-soft unpasteurized cheese!

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Tell the “Students” to Shut Up Already

November 13, 2015 2 comments

The current insurrection at the University of Missouri is disturbing on a few different levels. On one level is the invincible ignorance of people like the university student VP, who opined that the First Amendment was merely a cover for “white privilege.” On another level, there is the complete and utter disregard for the truth shown by the student who claimed that the KKK was on campus, then admitted it was a lie. On another level we find the “hunger striker” who comes from a family led by a man who made 8 million dollars last year. He has the temerity to complain about white privilege and racism, while spending 8 years at the university, paid for, no doubt, by the white privilege of his black father.
I would love to say I sympathize, but I don’t. I’d like to say I care about their plight, but I don’t. I think some of them are ignorant infants, so scared of everything that they are reduced to seeing imaginary boogie-men. Some are professional agitators whose goal is to destroy America. Think I’m exaggerating? A recent op-ed in the Afrikan Black Coalition says:
“The United States has declared war against us; it is time we demand a new constitution or tell America that she will get the bullet…If America fails to allow all people of this nation to write a new constitution, then it will be the bullet.”
Perhaps it is time to remind all of those that are fomenting the overthrow of the system of a little history.
Like, the university system they are allegedly studying at is the product of that white, euro-centric, Christian patriarchy that they rage nonsensically about. Hospitals, likewise, were a development of that same group of white devils. Not one of those students goes to Zaire to study, or Addis Ababa. None of them go to the Cote d’Ivoire for their health care.
Sub-Saharan Africa is a bastion of corruption, murder, rape, and lawlessness. Ethiopia doesn’t have hordes of people trying to immigrate, nor does Iraq or Morocco. Compare that to countries run by the people those protesters and “students” hate. The Syrians aren’t going to Tanzania or Kenya. No, they seek refuge in the only places that are bastions of that western tradition that upholds the dignity of all people.It was the Greeks, not the Angolans, that championed the idea of democracy. Free speech? Thank the European enlightenment philosophers, not the necklacing South African savages.

No group has done more for the dignity of all people than white western christendom. Perhaps it is time to make that a little more well known.

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