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The Coming Storm

I had a small chat with a friend of mine today, and it touched on the subject of what appeared to be an ever-increasing amount of violence in America. Specifically, in this conversation, the recent shooting in Fresno and the one in the Midwest that was broadcast live on Facebook. Our chat got me thinking.
The two acts of violence are not outliers or statistical anomalies. They are part and parcel of a process that has been going on for some time, but has recently devolved into publicly tolerated, if not accepted, political violence. In the Fresno shooting, we have the terrorist proclaiming his hate for white people and shouting “allahu ahkbar.” The press, specifically AP, whitewashed this by saying the terrorist shouted “’God is great’ in Arabic.”
The apparently motive-less shooting of an elderly black man by a younger black man demonstrates this lack of public opprobrium when the police spokesman says that he wishes we could have taken the killer alive, so we could get him help.
And while this was going on, out in Berkeley the “antifa” activists were inciting violence in their cause to prevent fascism. If one speaks out publicly against their position, they use violence to shut that speech down. The irony is lost upon them, although that is to be expected, given the state of public education.
At the same time, we have a public college professor advocating the assassination of the president of the US.
This is just in our little corner of the world. Europe fares no better. Wave after wave of “refugees” are swarming into Europe, demanding to be taken care of on the taxpayers dime, while refusing to assimilate and creating crime waves of epic proportions.
In the middle-east, it is a perilous proposition to be a Christian or even a secularist. The savages are destroying centuries of culture; art, history, civilization are all falling beneath the onslaught of their savagery. The US not only approves of these atrocities, we actively cooperate with the barbarians. We have a stated goal in Syria of removing the only leader who protected the civilized people.
It’s been exported to Africa. Boko Haram, al Shabab, and Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and the Sahel, among others, have made Africa a bigger hell hole than even Winnie Mandela could have imagined.
The far east doesn’t escape. China, Thailand, and Burma have all had their problems with islamic terrorism and insurgency.
All of this points in one direction. There is an active, violent, and relentless attack on, for lack of a better term, western Christendom and democracy. The forces of savagery and barbarism are engaged in a struggle to bring about the destruction of the west. The antifa people are upfront about admitting it, as are the young socialists who wish to do away with capitalism and private property. The islamic movement is not only upfront about it, but they advertise their disdain for us every time they televise another of their savage killings.
The last great civilization, that of the Greeks and Romans, were destroyed by barbarians from without. As civic virtue and the desire to preserve their culture waned, the barbarians grew ever-more powerful, until it was too late. Now Athens and Rome are just notes in history books.
It seems we might be on the same path. Civic virtue is declining. It is becoming ever more difficult to suggest that there are virtues worth inculcating, and vice worth decrying. It is no longer possible to assert the superiority of one’s own culture without being branded a racist, or a sexist, or a homophobe, or whatever current slur passes for argument nowadays.
If we, as a nation, and a people, don’t decide that our culture, western Christendom, is worth defending, we may end up like Rome: merely a footnote, if there are any books left unburnt.

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