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Everyone’s Missing the Point

This week, and probably next, the talking heads in the media have been all in a tizzy over Obamacare, its repeal, and its replacement. There has been the usual caterwauling from the unhinged-from-reality left about grandma and little Johnny being left to die while the rich republicans run over them with their Cadillacs. There has been the entirely ineffective table-thumping by various and sundry republicans who should know better than to advertise their impotence. Even the libertarians like Paul Rand have been on the bandwagon of public idiocy about “health care.”
The reason I put health care in quotes is because nobody ever maintained that Obamacare was about the provision of care. It was about the provision of insurance, either provided by the government or the private sector insurance companies. It was about who should be covered by insurance, by whom they should be covered, what procedures should be covered, and who should pay for it.
We had the fights, and the democratically controlled congress produced a bill of such brobdingnagian proportions that not one single congressmen, president, or judge can be said to have read every word, let alone all of the cross-references to other parts of the US Code. But, Obama signed it, and the Supreme Court allowed its mandate. And, mirabile dictu, the promises from the left about “heath care” were chimerical. Rates increased catastrophically, doctors abandoned patients, and plans disappeared, leaving many to depend on the exchanges, if there were any.
And, for years, the right tried to repeal this Titanic of laws. They were elected, again and again, on promises to repeal. But, until now, they have been unable. Now, the stars have aligned. A republican Senate. A republican House. A republican in the White House. And, looming on the horizon, a new Scalia for the Supreme Court. So with all these adventitious circumstances, what has the right done?
They have fallen to arguing amongst themselves about whether to replace with the same thing, the same thing with a different name, a slightly different thing, or a greatly different thing. Not one of them that I am aware of has asked the fundamental question that should have been asked of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi at the start of this rough beast. And that is, where is the constitutional justification for the government requiring, providing, and/or regulating health insurance?
I have read, reread, and scrutinized the Constitution, searching for a justification for Obamacare and can find none. I have likewise searched for the justification of a replacement by the republicans and can find none. Nowhere in the Constitution does the provision of health care by the Federal government appear. And yet, not one republican has voiced his opposition to either Obamacare or its replacement on the principal of governmental overreach.
I suppose that I should not be surprised. Every day, more and more people demand more and more from the government. And every day we lose more and more freedom.
Obamacare requires that we have insurance, or pay a fine. The republican repeal will likely contain a like mandate, due to actuarial necessity.
The young left burns schools and uses the heckler’s veto to shut down free speech, and demands that the government cooperate.
Free and open courts have disappeared with the Patriot Act and the FISA courts.
Social Security and Medicare/ Medicaid have become so sacrosanct that no politician will even discuss the programs other than to pledge their undying support, no matter the cost.
One can’t even grow one’s own wheat without running afoul of the ever-growing government.
At what point do we stand on principal, and stand up and say, “enough?” At what point do we realize that freedom is always to be preferred over the mother’s teat? Our forefathers did it over a crappy little tea tax. We, so far, can’t even be bothered to stop a 20 trillion dollar (and growing) debt, which is surely a crushing tax on us all.
At some point, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem are going to become ironic

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