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I voted! Or did I?

Well, I voted today. I did my part to preserve the Republic, defend democracy, and make my voice heard, ad nauseum. At least I think I did; I have a sticker that says so. But did I really? I have no idea, nor do most Floridians, I guess.
I live in what I jokingly refer to as Cuba Norte, otherwise known as Miami-Dade County, home of egregious corruption and chicanery. Perhaps it is best exemplified by the City of Opa-Locka. Opa-Locka is so corrupt, it has had its entire government turned over to outside supervision. But I digress.
Living in Dade County, I, like every other voter in the county, have no idea whether I voted; or if I did, whether it was counted; or if it was, whether it was counted for the candidates I voted for.
When one votes in this county, one first must show an ID to an election official. I had to use a photo ID, even though it may have disenfranchised me. I am, after all, a minority in this county. After you show your ID, you sign an electronic register, which then prints out a receipt. You then hand your receipt to another official who hands you a ballot form and your receipt.
You then go to a booth where you fill out your form. Much like the SATs, you do this by filling in ovals that correspond to your choices on candidates and issues.
From there, you hand your receipt to another official, who shows you how to place your ballot form into the scanner, where it is scanned and then deposited into a sealed box. Having heard the beep that signifies that the machine has ingested your form, the official then places your receipt into another box.
Now comes the interesting part. You leave the polling place. But you have no idea whether your vote has been counted, counted correctly, altered, or discarded. There is no readout on the machine that indicates your ballot was recorded correctly, no printout either. Nothing, in short, to indicate you really voted. I asked the official how I was to know my vote was counted. He replied that it was “better than hanging chads.”
So, everyone in Dade County, and, for all I know all of Florida, could be disenfranchised without even knowing it. Dade County is ripe for voter fraud, and we would never know. I think we need a better system.

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