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The Crushing Blue Wall

            Suppose you could live in a world with no crime. No pollution, either air or water. No terrorism, either. In this world, medical care would be free, easily accessible, and excellent. Schools would be excellent, and free through college.

            Suppose further that the only cost for all these utopian delights was that you had to give up all your rights. No more free speech, criticism of the government would be forbidden. No free press, only the state-approved news outlets. No religious freedom, only the state-run church is acceptable. Nor trial by jury, no 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th amendments.

            Would you take this deal? I don’t believe I would, either.

            Then why do we take that deal in increments?

            Just last week, five Oklahoma law enforcement officers beat a man to death, then confiscated his wife’s cell phone after she video recorded the incident, leaving the key piece of evidence in the hands of the killers.

            Police said they needed the phone as “evidence” but the United States Department of Justice has made it very clearthat police can only seize a camera without a warrant if they believe the camera contains evidence of a crime and if they believe this evidence would be destroyed if they don’t act fast to obtain it.

            Police, of course, claim he started fighting with them, which is why they had to kill him.

            Last year, Kern County, California sheriff’s deputies confiscated phones after killing a man, which led to an FBI investigation. Several witness accounts indicate the deputies not only beat the non-resisting man to death, they tried their best to prevent citizens from recording.

            Laura Vasquez, who witnessed the murder, said the first two deputies at the scene woke Silva, who was sleeping in front of a house, and ordered him not to move. When Silva sat up, looking confused or scared, a deputy hit him in the head, Vasquez said.

            “He fell back and then the other officer got out and swung toward his head,” she said. “Mr. Silva was reaching for his head and the officers said ‘stop moving’ and ‘stop resisting.’ He wasn’t resisting. … He rolled on his back and they kept hitting.”

            More deputies and two California Highway Patrol officers arrived at the location. Vasquez said the deputies hogtied Silva, lifted him off the ground and dropped him twice, and delivered more baton blows and kicks to his head and body until he went limp.

            “He was screaming for help. He was laying on his chest. The cops were still on top of him, still hitting him. My family and I screamed at them to stop hitting him.… The blood was all over Mr. Silva’s face. We couldn’t even tell if he had eyes or a mouth.”

            In 2012, Miami-Dade cops entered a home without a warrant and confiscated a phone from a girl after killing her father in the driveway.

            1n 2011, Miami Beach police began confiscating phones after killing an unarmed man inside a car, shooting hundreds of bullets and striking four innocent bystanders, which lead to apolicy change regarding the right of citizens to record the police.

            Later in 2011, An Arizona deputy shot and killed a man claiming he was reaching for a gun, but a cell phone video shows the man had raised his hands in the air.

            But a witness shot video of the killing on a cell phone. It shows the final moments of the standoff, when deputies were ordering Manuel Longoria to surrender. The deputies had their weapons drawn and fired five beanbag rounds at the suspect, in addition to Taser rounds.

            Longoria appeared to be moving his arms around, and did not appear to be cooperating with the deputies. Seconds later, the video shows Longoria turn his back on the deputies and raise both hands into the air, high over his head. One second later, a lone deputy fired two shots, killing Longoria.

            However, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu insists the man should have been killed much earlier because he wasn’t complying with their orders. “I believe even looking at it in those circumstances, if I was a patrol officer and I was forced in that same situation, I would likely have shot him before that deputy shot him,” said Sheriff Paul Babeu.

            And just recently, two Fullerton, California cops were found not guilty in the horrific beating death of a homeless man despite a city surveillance video showing they choked, tased, punched, kicked and smothered the man for nearly nine minutes, only pausing when he stopped pleading for help.

            Their defense was that 160-pound Kelly Thomas was just way too overpowering for them, even though they outweighed him by at least 60 pounds, forcing the first two officers to have to call for back-up, resulting in four additional cops joining the beating.

            But, mirabile dictu, a video shows he never threw one punch. It does show, however, the mentality of those sworn to protect, defend, and serve. The video shows the following exchange:

            “Now you see my fists?” Fullerton police officer Manny Ramos asked Thomas while slipping on a pair of latex gloves.

            “Yeah, what about them?” Thomas responded.

            “They are getting ready to fuck you up,” said Ramos, a burly cop who appears to outweigh Thomas by 100 pounds.

            “Well, start punching,” Thomas responds, never once displaying any physical aggression towards Ramos.

            Moments later, as Thomas is standing while Ramos is ordering him to get on his “fucking knees,” Fullerton cop Joseph Wolfe, who is not charged in the case, walks up and starts beating his legs with a baton.

            The camera, operated by a dispatcher at the station, then moves toward the beating, showing Ramos and Fullerton cop Jay Cicinelli on top of Thomas as Thomas repeatedly apologizes and telling them he is unable to breathe.

            The cops keep telling him to put his hands behind his back and lay on his stomach, but they are both laying on top of him, making it impossible to even breathe, much less move. As the video continues, one of the cops can be seen kneeing him.

            More cops eventually arrive and a little more than four minutes into the video, they start tasing him. And a little after five minutes into the video, as three cops are piled on top of him, beating him, tasing him, one cop looks up at another cop who just arrived on the scene and says, “help us.”

            At one point Thomas can be heard crying, “Dad, they are killing me.”

            But let us not forget, whether the state is killing us with drones, or just using the thugs in blue, they are only doing it for our own good. The TSA groping children, NSA spying on us, DHS arming police forces with military equipment, and SWAT teams serving misdemeanor warrants, remember, it’s all for our own good. I guess it’s true. You only hurt the ones you love.

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