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Draw Jesus, Get Money From US. Draw mohammed, Get Criticized.

An artist has sparked outrage by depicting mohammed receiving gay oral sex, it was reported today. Critics were largely ignored.

Oh, no, wait, it wasn’t mohammed, it was Jesus. But the critics of the alleged “artwork” were ignore, or treated with derision, and chided for their failure to understand the First Amendment. But it was gratifying to see that the White House weighed in on the side of decency, roundly criticizing the artist.

“We think that these are provocative acts, they are disrespectful, they’re intolerant, they’re divisive  and we’re conscious that a number of voices have come out and rejected what…this community have proposed,” said P.J. Crowley, a State Department spokesman. “We would like to see more Americans stand up and say that this is inconsistent with our American values, in fact these actions themselves are un-American.”

Oh no, wait, that wasn’t the White House defending Christian sensibilities, it was the administration defending muslims opinions. The president came out strongly against the burning of the koran, claiming it was un-American, narrow-minded, and bigoted. Apparently, that standard only applies to people who kill when they are offended. If you don’t threaten to kill the artists, the president doesn’t care who offends you.

The interesting part of this whole imbroglio is that the museum displaying the piece is taxpayer funded. Obama mobilized the State Department and the Voice of America, among others, to portray America as religiously tolerant; a country that would reject intentionally giving offense to religious beliefs. Unless, of course, the art is designed to insult Christians. Then the government can’t fund it fast enough. Whether it’s Serrano’s “Piss Ch***,” or a Virgin Mary covered in dung, the taxpayers are expected to pay up and swallow some First Amendment crap about free speech. Threaten to burn a koran, and Obama gets apoplectic. It either applies to all, or to none. And separation of church and state requires the government to be neutral, not to fund anti-religious propaganda.

But I suppose that all of this is to be expected. Obama waxes rhapsodic at any and all opportunities when the subject is islam. The call to prayer is beautiful, the iftars are great, America is no longer a Christian nation. All the signs are there. Obama may not be a muslim, I don’t know. He could be a type of converso for all I know. What I do know is that his sensitivities are certainly more pro-muslim than pro-Christian.

It is interesting to note, however, that in all the hullabaloo about the “art,” no Christian leader has called for a fatwa, no Christians have demonstrated carrying signs about killing people, and the artist has not had to go into hiding. Unlike the controversy over cartoon mohammeds, nobody is likely to die over this. And that illustrates the difference between us. Any depiction of mohammed becomes a capitol offense to the muslims. This current work of “art” will disappear, and the artist will fade into obscurity, and the Christians will go on, relatively unaffected.

The art work in question isn’t even very good, according to some critics. “This has been done so many times before that it is a cliche. In the artworld, such work belongs next to the Velvet Elvis and the dogs playing poker,” Don Surber of the Daily Mail wrote in his blog. “If this ‘artist’ had any courage, he’d show Muhammad instead of Jesus. That’s cutting edge. That’s breaking new ground. That’s dangerous. That’s truly being willing to sacrifice for the sake of art.”

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