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Time’s Latest Lies, or We Hate the Church

Time magazine, predictably, has written an article filled with half-truths, mis-directions, and innuendo, all aimed at criticizing the Roman Catholic Church. I say predictably, because this is the media outlet that employs a rabid anti-Catholic to write a column about how Catholic he is. The current article alleges that there are women Catholic priests in existence, who currently exercise the office of Holy Orders.

The article starts by telling us about an 81 year old mother of eight, who is an “ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church.” In the second paragraph, the author tells us, correctly, that Canon Law says that only a baptized male can receive ordination. One wonders why this wasn’t the lead of the story. However, by mention Canon 1024, the author admits that as far as the Chrurch is concerned, the 81 year old woman isn’t really a priest.

The author is careful to note that it’s the “official” position of the church, suggesting that there exists some sort of unofficial position. He then goes on to mention a movement against the stricture, talking about renegade male clerics and an anonymous European Bishop ordaining women. Proving that a little learning is a dangerous thing, the author neglects to mention Canons 1025-1054, which adress varied rules about who can become a priest and the requirements they must fulfill. None of which, based on the article, were fulfilled by any of the women mentioned.

There are theologians and groups studying the issue of female ordination. The Church has not declared the issue closed to further study, and as long as one does not reject the Churches authority in this matter, one is free to engage in careful thought on the issue.

I am sure that there are many people who object to the Church’s position on women’s ordination. There are people who object to the Church’s position on almost all issues. I am certain that there is at least one person in the world who objects to the Chruch’s position on everything, merely out of spite. And God bless every one of them. I think a lot of those who object to the Church on women’s ordination are principled and thoughtful people. But, they are not Catholic.

Time then goes on, seemingly inexplicably, to link pedophilia with women’s ordination. The articl says, “Many have begun to publicly challenge the church’s stance, especially after the Vatican decreed in July that ordaining female priests was a grave crime, on par with pedophilia.” It’s not really inexplicable, though. What Time is attempting to do is to fling some mud at the wall, and hope that by mentioning pedophilia, one will be more likely to feel antagonistic towards the Church, and their policy on ordination. Time is guilty here of at least one logical error, and perhaps more. There is “poisoning the well,” “guilt by association,” and “appeals to emotion and spite.” Time is saying, in effect, the Church thinks ordination of women is wrong, as wrong as pedophilia, and since they’ve had a pedohile problem, they’re wrong on ordination as well. The two are not remotely linked.

The real problem is twofold. First is Time magazine’s use of an anti-Catholic to pretend he’s a Catholic and write screed. Andreas Solaro says “we Roman Catholics” before launching into this tirade against a male onll priesthood: “the Vatican issued an avowal, as obtuse as it was malicious, that ordaining women into the priesthood was a sin on par with pedophilia.” And this: “Rome’s misogynous declaration,” “church’s hoary horror at the idea of female priests,” “its penchant of late for sticking its papal slippers in its mouth every chance it gets.”

I suppose “we” Catholics should be grateful he’s on our side. According to him, and Time, the Church has a “spiteful rhetoric of bigotry.” We’re anti-gay and anti-woman. Predictably, after excoriating Catholics for that, Time again brings up pedophilia.

The second problem is perhaps the bigger of the two. Catholics, and by that I mean authentic, loyal to the Pope, public believers in the Church’s revealed and taught truths, need to have a public spokesman that can illuminate the Church as well as teach what the Church really says about things like homosexuality, the role of women, child abuse and other things. What we need is an Archbishop Sheen for the 21st Century. Someone who can combat the lies, falsehoods, mistakes, and bigotry that the Church faces.

Let’s face it, if you don’t like the Church, fine. Go elsewhere. Leave. Become a Hindu, or a Sikh, or a Mormon. The Catholic Church is a voluntary organiztion. We’d love to have you here, but you have to follow our rules, and believe what we believe. You can join, abstain, or leave. What you can’t do is spread lies and slander and expect us to be quiet.

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