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Obama Really Doesn’t Like America Much

It seems, judging by some of the things I’ve been reading lately, that Barack Hussein doesn’t care much for the United States, or the people living here. And it’s not just him, but his wife, as well. We all remember during the campaign that Barack Hussein showed a level of disdain for the people living in “flyover” country that, quite frankly, amazed me. Those people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them.” You know, those small-town racists and Christians. It amazed me even more that after that, he was elected, in large part by the very people he disdains. And his wife shares his dislike for us. “America is just downright mean,” she believes. And it wasn’t just campaign rhetoric; that attitude, that dislike, has continued into the White House.

Let’s look at some of the evidence. The State Department, under Barack Hussein, has submitted a report to the UN Commissioner for Human Rights that lists all the ways the U.S. is deficient with regards to human rights issues. This report suggests that the U.S. discriminates against the disabled, homosexuals, women, Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics and those who don’t speak English. It pays special attention to Muslims, noting that the government is committed to “challenge misperceptions and discriminatory stereotypes, to prevent acts of vandalism and to combat hate crimes.” The report goes so far as to blame current economic problems on the housing crisis, which itself was the result of “discriminatory lending practices.” The implication is that if Americans had only been less racist, they would be enjoying prosperity today.

It goes on and on, detailing all the various ways in which we, as a country, violate human rights, while trying to disclaim a commonality with the really bad guys like Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. Aside from giving aid and comfort to our enemies, the report also makes it more difficult for aspiring countries to point to America as a model of freedom and liberality.

The report goes on to detail how Barack Hussein and the Federal government are the only ones capable of solving these problems. “Progress is our goal,” the report proclaims, “and our expectation thereof is justified by the proven ability of our system of government to deliver the progress our people demand and deserve.” This reflects the general tone of a report that sees the state, not the people, as the source of American progress.

The report fails to note, however, than by any system of measurement, the minorities mentioned above have a much better quality of life, more freedom, better economic opportunities, and suffer less discrimination in America than in any other country on earth; especially some of the members of the Human Rights Commission of the UN.

So in addition to this public auto de fe, Barack Hussein then continues to prove he dislikes America, by suing the State of Arizona not once, but twice! Why? Because Arizona is trying to keep illegal aliens out of the country. The administration alleges that the sheriff of Maricopa County is acting in a discriminatory manner in trying to keep Mexicans out of the U.S. Apparently, the Department of Justice believes that the sheriff is being a bigot by checking on hispanics more that anglos during his sweeps of the county’s barrios and day laborer sites. Someone might point out to the DOJ that Arizona borders Mexico, and that, statistically at least, there is reason to suggest that border criminals are more likely to be Mexican than Canadian or Belgian.

Barack Hussein has consistently opposed any effort by Arizona to protect its own borders, while at the same time trying to orchestrate some sort of amnesty program for border criminals. This, despite the vast public support for Arizona’s approach, and a corresponding public antipathy for the idea of a general amnesty.

Barack Hussein’s administration has also failed to prosecute alleged cases of voter intimidation involving the new Black Panther party. Why? I don’t know, perhaps something to do with race politics?

The final straw, for me, at least, has been the fiasco involving military absentee ballots. There are a couple of federal laws that regulate the conduct of the individual states in regards to absentee ballots for servicemen. The MOVE (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment) Act, which was signed into law 10 months ago, was enacted to ensure that the troops serving overseas have an ample opportunity to receive and return their ballots. The MOVE act requires the states to mail their ballots out 45 days before a general election. Roughly, the last week of September. The thinking was that it would take that long to receive the proper forms in a war zone and return them to be counted. A state can apply for a waiver if it can prove a specific “undue hardship” in enforcing it.

Barack Hussein’s administration has publicly expressed a reluctance to enforce the act, and a willingness to grant waivers regardless of the clear mandate of the law. In a meeting with the Secretaries of State for ten states seeking a waiver, the DOJ said they were unlikely to pursue litigation to enforce the act, and that since the act was vague and indefinite, they were likely to be lenient in the grant of waivers. The upshot? A significant number of servicemen will likely have their votes go uncounted. Think it’s unimportant? Look at what just happened in Alaska. There are a number of races in the general election that are very close, and a small number of absentee ballots could be the swing.

Now, a suspicious, cynical SOB like me could point out that members of the military generally vote republican. And that Barack Hussein has a vested interest in keeping the House and the Senate under democrat control. And what better way than to disenfranchise a large right-wing voting block? But surely, that couldn’t happen, could it? The democrats want every vote to count, right? Then where’s the outrage over denying people getting shot at their right to vote?

Everything this guy does leads me to one conclusion. He doesn’t like America, he doesn’t like Americans, and he thinks he knows better than the rest of us what should be done. And, goddammit, that’s just plain undemocratic!

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