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The Taliban Strikes Again

The taliban is at it again. That much vaunted religion of peace has displayed itself for all the world to see by murdering a group of doctors. A group of volunteer doctors treating the sick out of a sense of compassion and in keeping with the highest traditions of their profession. And their reward is to be slaughtered by the forces of intolerant islam.

The taliban claims that the doctors were spies for the U.S. and Christian proselytizers. I can’t speak to the accusations of spying, since the U.S. has used some unlikely spies in the past, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence to back up those claims.

As to the claims of being Christians and trying to spread the good word, there is some evidence that that might be true. Some of the group were Christians, and some of them possessed Bibles in a native Afghani dialect. There is no direct evidence of them doing any preaching, although we can’t hear from them, being as how those peaceful muslims murdered them.

I am, as many of you know, a Roman Catholic. Most of my friends are of different protestant denominations. While I am willing to engage them in debate and rational discourse as to why I am right and they are wrong, it has never occurred to me to kill them over the issue. I, along with Lady Bird Johnson, believe that “the clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.” I also believe that only through constant examination and defense of our ideas can we reach some sort of certainty about them. The heart of islam, on the contrary, believes that any opposing idea must be silenced, by murder if need be. It seems to me that if one is convinced of the superiority of their religion, they would try to convince others to share in it, not kill those who don’t believe. And any religion, it seems to me, would recognize that every human being is the repository of an irreducible dignity, and seek to protect that dignity. Islam is the only religion I’m aware of that makes a point of destroying that dignity, even among its own followers.

But this sort of behavior is not new to islam. Killing men, women, and children “infidels” is par for the course for them. And they do it in the most cowardly of ways. Planes into buildings, bombs in supermarkets, and stoning women to death display the abhominable behavior of the adherents of this “religion of peace.” Now the indefensible murder of a team of doctors, whose only crime was to heal the sick. It is time that the West wakes up to the fact that islam is fundamentally incompatible with our civilization. We can no longer afford the luxury of granting them haven among us, hoping that they will adopt our values. We can’t hope that they will accept our differences, and co-exist with us in some sort of laissez-faire paradise. They are afraid of new or competing ideas, both technological and theological. Their answer to that fear is to kill, indiscriminately, everyone who isn’t just like them.

The taliban, like every other public expression of islam, is determined to reduce the world to the lowest common denominator they can find, and in this case, it appears to be a fourteenth century theocracy.

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