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Barack Obama, Chicago Thuggery Triumphant

Barack Obama just got 17 minutes of television time, and we learned a number of things. First, we learned that I was proved right again, twice. Obama agrees that we can no longer rely on foreign oil imports, a position I had a week ago. Second, he admitted that he, meaning the Federal government, can’t fix the problem, another position I told him about. And I say I told him because I have some information that he reads my blog religiously.

Second, we learned that he is an incorrigible liar. He claimed that he wanted to hear about all ideas to protect the environment, yet it took seven weeks before he approved Bobby Jindall’s plan to build barrier islands. He apparently is more willing to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than with the governor of Louisiana. He said that the Feds were in charge since day one. Anyone who has followed this issue knows that’s a prevarication. He also told us that Ken Salazar had cleaned up MMS, yet in his speech, he tells us that the head of MMS is being replaced. Then there is his assertion that he directed BP, ab initio, on how to mobilize cleanup logistics. If Obama told me tomorrow was Wednesday, I’d look at a calendar.

Third, we learned that there is no problem that, in Obama’s mind, can’t be solved by more government. During the speech, in addition to the announcement that he is creating two new government entities, was the revelation that he wants more new regulations. Quelle surprise.

We also learned that, mirabile dictu, it was Bush’s fault. According to Obama, MMS represented the trend towards deregulation, which was the nature and cause of the problem. Deregulation is bad, except when it’s his watch that does it. Let us not forget that the Obama mob has been in charge for eighteen months. Just what have they been doing?

Finally, we learned that Chicago style thuggery is alive and well in the White House. There is the 512% increase in tax on the oil companies, intended to fund an oil spill cleanup fund. Then comes the most important part of the whole speech. This part is so important, so staggering in its implications that I’m going to emphasize it by putting it into bold type.

Quoting Obama, “Tomorrow, I am going to inform the head of BP to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners into an escrow fund to be managed by an independent commission.”

There is no constitutional authority for the anointed one to take such a step. There is no enforcement mechanism for him to insist on such a course. There is nothing in particular to prevent BP from declining to participate in funding such an escrow fund. As a matter of fact, under current law, it appears that BP’s liability may very well be capped at 75 million dollars. It may even be that BP has a fiduciary obligation to its shareholders to avoid such a plan. Imagine, if you will, that you run down your neighbor’s dog. Imagine further, that before the circumstances of the accident are known, Obama came to you and said you were going to be required to pay into an account to compensate your neighbor. If you were to be honest, you’d object to that. The only difference between the scenario I offered and the BP scenario is the scale of money involved.

Obama may be able to strong-arm BP into agreeing to this as a PR issue, but he risks an enormous amount of political capital. Even the NY Times, the bastion of the left-wing news organs, is taking him to task for his incompetence on the oil spill. He doesn’t have that much capital left to squander.

For those of you, and you know who you are, who questioned my comparing the Gulf spill to the Gulf of Tonkin, let me make my analogy a little clearer. The government lied about Tonkin in order to manipulate the US into an ill-advised and terrible war. The government has now engaged in a pattern of lying about the oil spill. Why? Obama told us tonight. He wants to dismantle the fossil fuel industry by seizing assets, adding layers of new regulations, and placing a moratorium on deep-water drilling. He wants to spend untold billions (trillions?) on “clean energy.” Wind, solar, and better windows. Oddly enough, not a mention of nuclear. This is nothing more than a naked power grab.

And for those of you who think the government is above lying to you, do you remember WMD, yellowcake, Watergate, Pearl Harbor, the Maine, and Shay’s rebellion? Government lying isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. And the current crop of thugs have had an awful lot of practice at it.

Thursday, we’ll take a look at just how well that whole “clean, green energy” thing has worked for Spain.

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