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Obama’s Mexican Standoff…with Arizona

Barack Obama has once again drawn a line in the sand, and taken a firm stand on an issue. The problem is, that his stand is against Americans and for mexicans. By now it’s old news that Obama has sided with the Felipe “reconquista” Calderon and taken umbrage at the United States citizens who oppose criminal activity. After admitting that he had not read the law in question, the former lecturer on constitutional law took a firm position of against. But he’s not alone. Eric “we don’t prosecute Black Panthers” Holder and Janet Napolitano have both admitted to not reading the bill and yet holding a firm opinion against it.

As you are no doubt aware, the bill is only a few pages long. Stripped of the sections on technical corrections to unrelated matters, it is less than two pages long. A far cry from the War and Peace of Obamacare, yet the most vocal critics haven’t even read it. By now, no one should be surprised that the administration never lets facts interfere with their policy making.

More telling though, is what this imbroglio says about the current occupant of the, dare I say it, White House. One can be for something, against something, and in rare cases, neutral about something. In the realm of crime, it is easy to be against it, harder to be for it, and morally indefensible to be neutral about it. Yet the Obama administration has made it clear that they are in favor of it. Obama stood foursquare with Calderon and said he opposed the Arizona law that attempts to enforce Federal law against being in this country illegally. Since he refuses to accede to the requests and entreaties of the people of Arizona to help them, and opposes their helping themselves, it must be that he is in favor of illegal immigration continuing unabated. One could, I suppose, be charitable and suggest that he is merely unconcerned or neutral about the issue. While that might be possible for the average Joe, it is not possible for the man who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. He has also, time and time again, claimed that defending America is part of his mandated duties. Unless, of course, one needs protection from armed and violent mexican animals.

Calderon, meanwhile, comes to this country and makes big barking noises about how horrible the Arizonans are for refusing to allow themselves to be abused. Were this to come from Raoul Wallenberg, Mother Teresa, or even, god forbid, Desmond Tutu, one might make the case for their qualities to teach us. When it comes from a third world petty thug who runs a country that people die trying to escape, his opinion or his standing to educate us are slightly less than irrelevant. Mexico regularly practices a brutality against illegal immigrants that would make the KGB proud. If the illegals entering Mexico are not jailed then deported summarily, they are shot out of hand and dumped in a convenient hole. Calderon, predictably, has not apologized to any of his southern neighbors for his hubris in denying them their “human rights” to a better life.

Calderon, it should be noted, presides over a country ravaged by greed, corruption, and drug cartels. Since 2006, when Calderón began his crackdown on Mexico’s drug cartels, nearly 19,000 people have been killed in the ensuing violence, particularly in border cities like Ciudad Juarez, where three people linked to the U.S. Consulate were killed. The sharp increase in homicides has dramatically affected the country’s tourism industry, but the ratio of deaths per inhabitants is still, ironically, less than that of Washington, D.C. What is perhaps worse is the nature of the deaths themselves (beheadings, dismemberments, faces removed and stitched onto soccer balls), made particularly grisly to strike fear in the hearts of law enforcement officials, citizens in the region, and, of course, rival gangs. This from the Utopia where the head thug presumes to lecture us.

There’s really one topic that the Mexican government would like an answer on: the issue of giving Mexican trucks access to US roads. Despite the 1993 NAFTA agreement that did just that (among many other provisions), Congress has blocked Mexican long-haul trucking into the U.S. last year, saying that Mexico must first guarantee the safety of its trucks and drivers. Not an unreasonable request, considering that Mexican trucks need not adhere to the same safety standards as trucks registered in America. Which, given the propensity to ship jobs out to third world hell-holes, is probably what trucking companies are itching for. Use Mexican trucks, and save a fortune in safety standards. In the meantime, Mexico has responded to the truck shut-out by slapping taxes on $2.4 billion worth of U.S. Goods.

Mexico is not our friend. Henry Kissinger taught us years ago that nations do not have friends, they have interests. In this case, it may be in our interest to slap our neighbors to the south around a little and see if we can’t bring some stability to their side of the border, and some peace and quiet to our side.

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