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Obama’s (non)Nuclear Option

In a move designed to appeal to Francophiles everywhere, the anointed one has decided to surrender a part of our nuclear option, and has promised Russia to at least partially disarm ourselves. And, much like the French, he has promised to limit the number of scenarios in which he would use the nukes that he manages to keep.

As he prepared for a trip to Prague to sign the treaty with Russia, he said, “The greatest threat to U.S. and global security is no longer a nuclear exchange between nations, but nuclear terrorism by violent extremists and nuclear proliferation to an increasing number of states.” His Defense Secretary, Robert Gates weighed in with further details on the need for a treaty with Russia: “Given al-Qaida’s continued quest for nuclear weapons, Iran’s ongoing nuclear efforts and North Korea’s proliferation, this focus is appropriate and, indeed, an essential change from previous policy.”

So, to save us for irate muslims, Obama has promised the Russians that we would disarm. In case the North Korean answer to Adam Lambert decides to attack us with nuclear arms, we will be able to say to them, “Wait, our treaty with the Russians will stop you!” How anyone decides that agreeing with Russia on nuclear proliferation does anything to reduce the threat of Islamic extremism is beyond me. Especially since Venezuela under Hugo Chavez is a Russian nuclear client. Although in the case of Venezuela, we can, I suppose, rely on the perspicacity of that esteemed international diplomat Sean Penn.

It is, in retrospect, not all that surprising that Obama sees things this way. 15 million illegal aliens and Obama opposes legal amnesty for 7 Germans. Upset over a Moscow subway bombing, Obama’s FBI arrests 9 Christians in the Midwest. In his healthcare blitzkrieg, he attacked everything except the problem. That, in a nutshell, is the current administration’s problem. They identify a problem, and then pick the entirely wrong solution to that problem.

Gates then went on to describe the various ways in which the administration would consider using nuclear weapons. Just in case the Iranians or Saudis or Hamad Korzai were paying attention, Gates laid out military strategies we’d consider employing. Obama believes that eliminating many weapons, then telling our enemies when we would use our remaining ones somehow makes us safer. He reminds me of the stereotypical Hyde Park liberal who opposes guns ownership by civilians claiming he doesn’t see the need for them, conveniently forgetting the people who can’t afford to live in the ivory tower estates.

Apparently, the only time Obama would deign to use the nuclear option is against anyone who opposes his health care plan!

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