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Masters or Servants?

I’m sorry to do this, but I need to mention a local issue here. It has bigger implications, so bear with me for a while. I live next to Kendall County, Illinois. I can almost throw a stone from my front yard and have it land in the next county, so I pay attention to what happens over there.

Recently, there was a public hearing on the county’s plan for a new landfill. The board president, Ann Vickery, is a grandmotherly woman, replete with silver hair and too much makeup. At the hearing, Ann Vickery decided that public comments would be limited to three minutes per citizen. Obviously dismayed with having to listen to the great unwashed, she watched her stopwatch during comments. At the two-minute mark, she would interrupt the speaker with a reminder that they were almost out of time. At the three-minute mark, she would cut them off mid-word.

Now, to be fair, there were eight people who wanted to speak. If they each spoke for five minutes, Ann Vickery might have missed “Murder She Wrote,” or “Matlock.” Or perhaps she wanted to rush home for her nightly Metamucil and nap.

Some of the citizens at the meeting took exception to her heavy-handed management style and made mention of their displeasure. Let me take this time to remind you that the citizens are Ann Vickery’s employer. She works at their pleasure, and is ultimately responsible to them for her position. So the citizens objected, and the board adjourned in the middle of a speaker’s sentence. Now comes the interesting part.

Ann Vickery, when asked about it, responded that she wasn’t going to let the “lunatics” run the asylum. She also said that the board was always concerned about transparency regardless of what those “idiots” have to say. She also said she felt physically threatened, which another board member claimed was an over-reaction. Vickery said she wished there had been a sheriff’s deputy there because people could have gotten “difficult.” Let me make it clear: the lunatics and idiots and difficult people she’s talking about are you. Your county board president thinks about and treats you contemptibly. The funny thing is, the same issue of the newspaper that reported her tirade printed a letter from her thanking you for electing her yet again, and promising to serve us to the best of her ability. I pray that I don’t have to point out the irony here.

Of course, at least one other board member backed Vickery’s putsch, claiming that “you can’t let the masses run the meeting…you will never get control back.”

Difficult masses of lunatic idiots. My, my, my. How wonderful our government officials are. The other day I wrote about how Obama doesn’t love the people, now I get to write about how our local elected leaders actually detest us.

I am curious if King George III’s tax collectors, judges, and assorted functionaries also felt the need for protection from the citizenry. Perhaps they complained to the King that the “lunatic idiots” were getting angry. Thirty years ago I suggested that ballots were no longer effective in ridding us of the parasitic remora that feed on the carcass of the hard-working Americans. How much longer will it take before people wake up to the fact that people like Vickery aren’t our friends? They don’t even think of themselves as public servants anymore. They now complain about the need to be accountable to the “masses.” From top to bottom, alderman to president, politicians have come to think of themselves as our masters, and not our servants. THAT has to change, and soon.

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