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Census Bureau Racism

Time magazine has reported that certain black activists are objecting to the use of the word “negro” in the 2010 census.  I am curious as to whether these are the same black activists who rushed to forgive Harry Reid for using that very same word? Apparently, I was right, you can buy the right to be a racist.

Just as an aside, am I taking the moral high ground to refuse to donate to the NAACP because of their flagrant use of the word “negro?”

The Census Bureau is also making fifteen other changes to their race-based portion of the decennial enumeration. You can now hyphenate to your heart’s content. One of the possible changes the Census is testing during the 2010 count is allowing respondents to check more than one box not just for race but for Hispanic origin as well. And finally, the Bureau is pondering whether to allow people to explain their “whiteness” more fully.

I fully applaud these changes. Finally, I will be able to express to the bureaucrats my self-identification as a white-black-asian-hispanic pangean. I have to admit, however, to being confused by some of the questions. For example, question number eight asks whether the person is of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin. If one answers it yes, one is then asked to further delineate his origins. In the list that follows, Spaniard is 11th. Mexican is3rd, and Mexican–American is fourth.

If I were a Spaniard, I would be highly annoyed. All the other Hispanic ethnicities mentioned exist only because of the Spanish bravery, curiosity, intelligence, and drive that led them to the new world. The fact that Mexico, central, and south America identify as Hispanic is a tribute to the country that was in the vanguard of civilizing the western hemisphere. To list them as eleventh is an insult.

The note that follows is, as Alice might have said, curiouser and curiouser. It directs you to answer both question eight, about Hispanic origin, and question nine, about race. It also goes on to state that Hispanic origins are not races. It then lists thirteen separate categories of race, plus space to write in some other subset of a couple of them. It is interesting to note that white is a race, without subdivision, as is black. If, however, you are asian, you can be asian-indian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Thai, etc.   Oddly enough, you can even be Pakistani and be considered asian. Likewise, if you are from the pacific island region, you can be Hawaiian, Chamorro, Tongan, Samoan, etc.

So, if I understand the government’s reasoning, a Hmong from Viet Nam differs in race from a Vietnamese person, but a Norwegian is indistinguishable from a Sicilian in racial terms. So, as I understand it, a Spaniard is ethnically different from a Greek, but racially they are the same. A Fijian is ethnically the same, but racially different from a Tongan?

I wish I could remember who it was that decried the coming “balkanization” of America, but it seems closer every day.  The official rationale for needing this information? “Race is key to implementing many federal laws… State governments use the data to determine congressional, state, and local voting districts. Race data are also used…to plan and obtain funds for public services.” State government uses the data to determine congressional districts? Like, let’s redraw this district to capture the black vote for x party? What shocks me is not that politicians play the race game for their own nefarious ends; what shocks and saddens me is that they announce it openly, and no one objects or revolts.

In a country where the election of a black man was hailed as a harbinger of a post-racial spring, I find the governments insistence on racial classification offensive and counterproductive.

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  1. Robert Feeley
    January 26, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Harry Reid Threatens to Emulate Scott Brown and Pose Nude:


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