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Garrison Keillor’s Mind, R.I.P.

I was distressed this morning when I read my daily paper. The Chicago Tribune carries what purports to be opinion pieces by Garrison Keillor. After reading today’s column, I can only conclude that he has finally twisted free of the last grasp of sanity.

Today, in addition to insulting tea drinkers, whatever their political persuasion, he also manages to insult cruise takers. He then goes on to accuse the right, i.e. anyone right of center politically, of being paranoid and suffering hallucinations. The right, he says, spends time ganging up and waving their arms, instead of sitting around drinking coffee and reading “reliable” newspapers.

He then goes on to claim that the health care bill is murky, and likely to strike people as dangerous or unreliable. He claims that the bill is an “intricate web of compromises” created for the benefit of the republican senators. Who, by the way, are all “demagogues,” conveniently forgetting that the democrats are the demagogues in power.

Keillor puts me in mind of a grandfather. The slightly crazy, slightly creepy grandfather character that embarrasses us all. Slightly deaf, he makes his rude, racist, and anti-catholic remarks loudly enough to be overheard, while those around him shush him and apologize for him. Years ago, I am told, some people considered him funny. I admit, I was not among them. I just found him to be a long-winded gasbag.  Now I find him to be a long-winded gasbag who is rude and foolish.

He suggests that churches have been silent on the issue of Obamacare. He is woefully ignorant, then, of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has been one of its leading advocates. Not to mention that the Catholic Church has been “tending the sick” for quite some time.

Keillor fills his column with personal attack, personal and group insults, and in general, acrimonious agitprop.  He despairs of finding common sense, then calls senator-elect Brown (R-MA) a bozo, Rudy Guiliani an empty helmet, while at the same time canonizing Harry Reid as the gentlest soul in congress.

Keillor isn’t opinion page material.  He is a loud-mouthed, angry buffoon. I’m sorry for his lapse into senility.

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