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Republic: gone. Kleptocracy: here.

     For years, I have harped on the disuse of the term “republic,” and the increasingly more used “democracy.” Anyone who took high school civics, or social studies, or government, or whatever they called it then, or call it now, should know that the United States is organized as a republic. It is, most definitely, not a democracy!

    As far back as 2500 years ago, Aristotle recognized that a democracy (from the Greek for mob rule) was a corrupt form of a republic. So I have been on the warpath trying to get people to use Republic when referring to the US. I’ve had people tell me that the US is a “representative democracy,” I’ve had them tell me it doesn’t matter, or that we all know what we mean. After hearing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States call it a democracy, I suppose I should give up.

     Besides, it doesn’t matter anyway. We are no longer a republic, although it may still say that on our birth certificate (the constitution). I believe what we are now is a kleptocracy; a government of thieves. The government, in the person of the president on one hand, and the congress on the other, has become a self proclaimed Robin Hood. I, personally, believe it is just a hood, no Robin about it.

      Let me introduce my exhibits:

     People’s exhibit 1:   Obama’s push for health insurance reform. In it, he requires, under force of government, that you give your money to health insurance companies. You may, or may not, get something of value in return, but you will buy a policy.  There is another group that sells the same sort of policies, isn’t there? Buy our insurance policy, or your building burns down. What’s the difference?

     Peoples Exhibit 2: A list of bills introduced by Senator Carl Levin(D-MI)

S.1811 : A bill to suspend temporarily the duty on certain chime rod assemblies.

S.1812 : A bill to suspend temporarily the duty on DMDPA.

S.1813 : A bill to extend the temporary suspension of duty on DPA.

S.1814 : A bill to suspend temporarily the duty on urea, polymer with formaldehyde and 2-methylpropanal.

Let’s be serious for a moment. Carl Levin couldn’t tell the difference between 2-methylpropanal and Gatorade.

     People’s exhibit 3: A list of bills introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein(D-CA):

 S.2231 : A bill to suspend temporarily the duty on certain hydration systems.

S.2238 : A bill to extend temporarily the duty on S-Abscisic Acid

S.2241 : A bill to extend and modify the temporary reduction of duty on artichokes, prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid.

S.2242 : A bill to suspend temporarily the duty on certain sardines in oil, in airtight containers, neither skinned nor boned.

S.2244 : A bill to extend the temporary reduction of duty on artichokes, prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid, not frozen.

Thank God for the U.S. Senate. I thought the cost of my artichokes, however preserved, and my sardines, especially the ones that are neither skinned nor boned, were going to skyrocket out of my reach!

     And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Two Senators, suspending the duty on products and items that on the whole, I would bet they know nothing about. Does Feinstein really know what “flumiclorac pentyl ester” is or does?

     Or does she, and the rest of them, only know that they can receive money from the interests they protect, by suspending the duties on some, favorable tax treatment on others? Max Baucus(D-MT) introduced a bill to suspend the duties on “acrylic snow globes attached to key chains.”  Senator, I don’t necessarily object to prostitutes, only the crackwhores. Bought by key chains? This is what the world’s greatest deliberative body has sunk to?

We’re being run by kleptocrats. And what’s worse, tasteless and cheap kleptocrats!

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